WebPlatform Documentation

Create / Edit Floorplan

When creating or editing a Floorplan you can do the following:

  • Add new agents to the Floorplan via the agent name, desk number or extension
  • Add an image to your Floorplan
  • Monitor Agents call history through the Reports Grid and Wallboard Monitor Tab
  • Playback calls agents have made through the Reports Grid tab
  • Publish the Floorplan for other users to view

Adding/Editing Agents on the Floorplan

  • Click on the ‘New Agent’ button in the toolbar
  • A pop up will appear which allows you to add/edit an Agent via the:
    • Agent Name
    • Phone Extension
    • Desk Number
  • Click OK to add/edit an Agent after the selection has been made from the dropdowns
  • Once the Agent has been added he/she will appear in the top left of the designer page
    • If you were editing an agent, the agent selected will appear where the edited agent was

Monitoring individual agent call activity

  • One of the agent options in Floorplan is viewing the agent call history
    • This shows the individual call history for an agent between a specific date range
  • Click on an agent on your floorplan
  • Click on the ‘Agent Call History’ button
  • Once the window loads you can:
    • Change the date range for the Calling Activity
      • Once dates have been changed click ‘Refresh’ to refresh the data in the grid
    • Replay calls which have been recorded with the Red Box Call Extractor
    • View call details such as:
      • When the call was placed
      • Duration of the call
      • The phone number contacted

Changing the background image of a Floorplan

  • Click on the ‘Change Floorplan Image’ Button in the toolbar
  • A pop up will appear asking you to browse for an image
  • After you have selected the image to use for your Floorplan click on OK to change the background image
  • Floorplan image has now been updated

Publishing your Floorplan live for other users

  • Publishing your Floorplan allows other users to view the Floorplan you have created
    • This is done by using roles users are in on the Web Platform
  • Click on the Publish Floorplan button
  • Select the roles you want able to view your Floorplan and click OK
  • Floorplan has now been published to the users in the role you selected

View Floorplan in Full Screen

To view the Floorplan in Full Screen mode click the 'Full Screen' button in the toolbar 

Closing a Floorplan without saving

If you click the 'Close' button in the toolbar after making changes to your Floorplan, a pop up will appear confirming whether you would like to discard the changes made as these have not been saved