WebPlatform Documentation

Lead List

  • Where you can select the view
    • New Leads
      (Status = 01.Unallocated & 02.Allocated)
    • Pipelined Leads
      (Status = 04.Accepted & 05.Pipelined)
    • Closed Leads
      (Status = 06.Won, 07.Lost,  & 08.Abandoned)
  • Access standard webplatform functionality
    • Filter
    • Download
    • Advanced Search
    • Show Field chooser
    • Reset Fields
    • Create filter
  • Change page size

Updating Leads from the grid

Editing leads in the lead details page

  • In the action table click Edit
  • The “Lead Details” page will appear, with these sections:
    • Company/Contact Details
    • Lead Status Details
    • Lead Value (Values in $,€,£)
      • Based on each campaign set up
    • Allocation
      • Field Names (based on each campaign set up)
      • Selections (based on each campaign set up)
  • Actions: Close, Save Changes & Cancel Changes

Editing the Comments Section:

  • Click Comments page to access:
    • General Comments (non-editable)
      • This is from the calling system
    • Field Comments (editable)
      • Where updates, lead follow up actions can be documented
      • Spell check available
  • Actions: Close, Save Changes & Cancel Changes

Closed Leads: Reason Capture

It is mandatory to select a reason for closed leads

Reasons for status = 03.Rejected

Reasons for status = 07.Lost

Reasons for status = 08.Abandoned

What happens to Abandoned, Rejected or Lost leads?

Reporting for closed reasons & what to do to add new reasons