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Auto Convert Lead to Opportunity in SF


Auto Convert Lead to Opportunity in SF

Why do we need to auto covert leads in SF?


  • In Digital Campaigns where a user takes an interest, an Inquiry (INQ) is generated. This INQ has a lifecycle. Where qualified in, it becomes a lead and from there can be further qualified into an opportunity.


  • In Salesforce (SF) a lead needs to be manually converted into an opportunity. This means we must have access to a client’s SF to progress our leads.


  • To be able to convert leads to opportunities in SF following a status update in WMS.

How auto convert works

What this means for you

  • The team working on a campaign does not need to have access to your client’s SF instance to convert Leads to Opportunities


  • We keep both systems (WMS & SF) seamlessly synchronised via data sync
    • All updates are made in the WMS process
    • To set up the data sync we must have 1 Salesforce user with profile:
      • API Enabled
      • Apex REST Services


  • Clients can see all progress in SF & the Digital Marketing Report!

How to get auto covert functionality?

Set up requirements

  • Have a digital campaign or a campaign using WMS as the calling system


  • Create and sign-off your Lead & Opportunity processes with the client
    • Only fully tested processes are considered for this functionality


  • Secure one SF user profile with API Access Enabled & Apex REST Services
    • So that the data sync’s work


  • Request Data Sync’s be set up for your Lead & Opportunity processes(PSO Request)