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Data Sync


Data Sync

What we set out to do: Have two way data exchange between WMS & Salesforce for leads & opportunities

Here’s how it works:

Create a Data Sync

  • Add a description
  • Specify Source and Destination
  • Authenticate with Salesforce (to permit data access & exchange)

Specify Source and Destination

Select the Mapping Type

Specify Field Mapping

Map your source fields to their respective destination field

  • Instructing the system to sync data from field ‘x’ to ‘y’
  • Just Add New Field, select from the list
  • Validations & Transforms can also be set up for any field

Save or update your mapping for future use

Field Mappings (re-use & update)

Previous mappings can be re-used

  • Click ‘Load Mapping’
  • Select one
  • Apply

If you make changes and want to save to current mapping, Click ‘Update Mapping’

To see all rules in your mapping, Click ‘Show Rules’

Specify Sync Options

Schedule & Conflict Resolution

Data Sync’s can be scheduled to run:

  • Daily
    • Set the time in UTC
  • Monthly
    • Select Day of Month
    • Set the time in UTC
  • Real-Time
    • Set to Poll at intervals of hours or minutes

These options are available for Conflict Resolution during a sync:

  • Newest Record Wins
  • Source Record Wins
  • Destination Record Wins


Review Sync Settings

Summary of all settings for the Data Sync: Confirm these are correct

  • Source
  • Salesforce Instance
  • Destination
  • Process

View Mappings to ensure correct fields and rules were applied

  • Check Schedule & Options
  • Frequency
  • Conflict Resolution

Finish will save & activate the sync

You will be taken back to the Data Sync List page