WebPlatform Documentation

Asset Manager

In this page you can create all the content for your email blast by creating a package and then all the assets e.g. documents, videos, images, text

Also in this page you can:

  • Publish and delete assets
  • Change the views of the page by selecting either grid view, gallery view or list view
  • Quick filter through the assets - pages only, Packages only, Published Assets only and published Packages only 

Adding an Asset in the Asset Manager

  • Click on the Add Asset button in the page
  • A pop up will appear where you will have to fill in the following information
    • Asset Type - Select the type of asset you are adding e.g. Image, Document, HTML Template
    • Asset Name - Enter a name for the Asset
    • Into Package - Select an unpublished package for your asset to go into. If you are adding a package this field will not be visible
    • Language - Select a language for the Asset
    • Client - Select a client for the Asset
    • Theme - Select a theme for the Asset

Publishing a Package

Publishing an email blast package is a pre-requisite to being able to send an email blast from that package. Once a package is published no further changes can be made

You need to do the following to publish a package:

  • Select the package in the grid
  • Click on the Publish Package button
    • A pop up will appear letting you know that you are publishing the package and you will not be able to made changes once the package has been published
  • Click Ok to confirm you want to publish the package or click Cancel to not publish the package

Grid Actions in Asset Manager Page

Copying an Asset

  • In the Actions column click on the Copy icon
  • A pop up will appear asking you to select the package you want to copy the asset into
    • Once you have selected a package - Click OK
  • The Add/Upload Asset page will load where you can update the name, client, theme, language and file of the Asset


Updating the theme of an Asset

  • To update the theme of an Asset, navigate to the theme column in the grid
  • Click on the theme link and select the theme in the list you want to update to
  • Click update to save the changes

Previewing an Asset

  • To preview an Asset, navigate to the name column in the grid
  • Click on the name link 
  • The preview image will display in the pop up