WebPlatform Documentation

Tenant Details

Company Details and Theme Information

  • In this page a WebPlatform Administrator is able to create or edit a tenant
  • A WebPlatform Administrator can also disable a tenant by checking the 'Disabled' checkbox

Client Initialisation

  • In the pop up window you will need to enter the following information:
    • Admin Username - this will be the username to login to the new tenant
    • First Name - First name of the Admin user
    • Surname - Surname of the Admin user
    • Email Address - Email address of the Admin user
    • Admin Password - this will be the password used to login to the new tenant
    • Confirm Admin Password - confirm the password entered above - if this is not the same the tenant cannot be initialised
  • Once OK is clicked on the Tenant will be created and an email will be sent to the Web Platform Administrator confirming the tenant has been setup
    • Once the tenant has been setup, the Web Platform Administrator will be able to login to the tenant's platform with the username and password enter in the pop up window to initialise the tenant