WebPlatform Documentation

User Detail

In this user detail page there are seven tabs:

  • Details - You can add/edit a user, unlock an account, remove users and change a users password
  • Roles - You can select Roles for the user, this will determine what access they will have on the WebPlatform
  • Geo Zones - You can select Geo Zones for the user
  • Theatre - You can select Theatres for the user
  • Countries - You can countries for the user
  • Report Groups - You can select Report Groups for the user which have been setup in the Reporting Module
  • WMS - You can setup WMS access for the user including :
    • the processes a user can start - users can start processes based on their WMS Role
    • the team they work in - users can view Processes and WorkItems for team they are in
    • the department a user works in
    • the countries assigned to a user - users can only start processes for countries they are assigned to
    • the working hours of a user - this is to calculate the scheduled start and end dates of Processes and WorkItems  

Changing/updating a users password

  • Click on the 'Change Password' button at the bottom of the Details tab
    • A pop up will appear asking you to enter a new password for the user and then confirm the new password
  • Click OK once you have entered the new password in the two fields