WebPlatform Documentation


A web lead is a website visitor that has filled out a web form by providing some, or all, of their contact information. This data is fed into Webleads+ campaigns for further qualification.

Breakdown of a webleads+ campaign data

A Webleads+ campaign can have 2 data sources

  • The client
    • if you are loading cold calling data the standard Lead Gen upload process applies
  • The webleads supplier
    • First file will need to be sent to the Campaign Manager to set up the default mapping
      • Webleads+ will be selected as the Destination Table
    • Once the default mapping is set up the supplier will send data to Listloader via email
      • Listloader will create a project for each unique weblead so that we can report the outcome back to our client

Note: Do not use Webleads+ for Destination Tables select for anything other than the default mapping set up.

What’s different for webleads?

Checks before you load your first webleads – the aim is to have the supplier send data to Listloader via email & have a fully automated upload process

  • Confirm that your supplier has given you all of the data that is agreed for your campaign [in the correct format too, otherwise Listloader will reject the data]
  • This first file of webleads requires a manual load to set up the Default Mapping [mark it as the Default Mapping in Listloader]
  • This Default Mapping will determine the mapping & rules that Listloader will apply to every data file that is loaded automatically [once the default mapping is set up, then the supplier can email files to Listloader directly]
  • The unique identifier for a weblead is the SourceProjectID [This is the Lola Lead ID]
  • Listloader will create a project per weblead so that we can close the loop on all data
  • These will be visible in the calling system once the callbacks are set by the CM


Step 1: Create List Load for Webleads

Step 2: Data Mapping - Includes Project Table

Step 3: Source Deduplication

Step 4: Target Deduplication


Setting the mapping as default is fundamental to allow data files to be auto loaded for the campaign.

Step 5: List Management - Projects added to the database

Step 6: Webleads+ Projects visible in Calling System