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EIMS Laptop Policy

The Policy

EIMS will provide company laptops to all employees who desire or require them to do their job effectively, so long as they are based in one of EIMS’ offices for at least 2 days per week. Eligible staff will be able to requisition a laptop through the laptop approval process.    

Fully remote workers will also be able to request a company laptop. However, due to the additional costs and complexity of shipping and support, they must first get specific approval from their Business Unit Director or Head of Department. This can also be done through the laptop approval process.   

Once you have ordered your laptop, the process will tell you when to expect it. However, please note the process will halt if your employee data are not complete and up-to-date. Note also that it is a condition of issue that all users of EIMS property, including EIMS laptops, agree to return all such property into EIMS inventory before they leave the employ of EIMS. 

Employees who prefer to provide their own equipment must provide a suitable device (see minimum specification below), and will be required to install software onto their device which secures company data and allows them to collaborate safely with other EIMS employees. This software can be removed when the user leaves the employ of EIMS.  

Within EIMS offices, users of EIMS laptops will be able to use the additional equipment provided on EIMS desks (such as screens, keyboards, and mice) more easily than users who bring their own device.

Requirements for BYOD:

Minimum device requirements 

  • Windows 10 or macOS 10.14 (Mojave) 
  • i5 or M1 processor 
  • 8GB RAM 
  • 256GB HDD 

Behavioural limitations (default)

  • Files cannot be saved locally
  • No locally installed MSOffice applications (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams)
  • 8x8 to be used as primary communications software
  • All EIMS applications to be accessed via EIMS Desktop

These limitations may be eased for those whose role requires it, but only for managers and above, and subject to BUD approval

Software installation / compatibility requirements 

  • Device must be protected with a password / PIN  
  • Operating system must be running latest security patches and has updates regularly applied 
  • EIMS specified anti-virus and anti-malware software must be installed and being updated regularly 
  • Remote Desktop client is installed (see 
  • 8x8 client is installed 
  • Connectwise Automate is installed 

Demo of the Laptop Approval Process