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Microsoft Online Application Training

How to Log in

  • Log into the AVD Desktop as standard.

Where to find MS Office

  • Your Microsoft applications have moved online and are accessible using the EIMS FOYER homepage, you will still be able to use your Teams on the desktop.

Where to find EIMS Drive (EIMS Files)

  • At start up, Chrome will open with your Outlook and WMS Storefront as the first thing you see.
  • Storefront has 2 Modules called:
    • ‘EIMS Files’ EIMS Drives (This takes you to SharePoint)
      • This will display the EIMS Drive. Each drive has different user access.
      • ‘F - Agent Feedback’ is where most of your campaign document is stored.
    • ‘My Files’ (This takes you to OneDrive)
      • This platform is used to easily find your documents and more.
      • Let’s get stated by creating shortcuts to your most used folders.

Where your downloads go?

  • The usual ‘Download’ folder within ‘File explorer > Quick Access’ will no longer exist.
  • Now, all your download will go into your OneDrive:

Set up shortcuts for your most used folder

  • To start setting up your day-to-day work, we will start with ‘EIMS Files’ ‘EIMS Drives’

  1. You can either use 
  2. Web browser bookmarks 
  3. or navigate to the folder and tag folder as ‘favourites’ and ‘Add shortcut to OneDrive’.
  • Keep reading to see how

How to add ‘favourites’ folders / Documents

  • You need to ‘add shortcuts to one drive’ to quickly find a location where to save a file. 
    • Open ‘EIMS files’ (‘EIMS Drive’) and navigate to your most often used folders. 
      • In this example I am going to use ‘Demetre,’ and I am going to select an Agent Folder as:
        • ‘Favourite’ and ‘Add Shortcut to OneDrive’

  • Now that my most used folder has been saved, I can access it very quickly from OneDrive. Now open OneDrive which you can do in Several Ways.
  1. Go back to storefront and click on ‘My Files’
  2. Or you can click on the ‘Waffle’ >OneDrive.
  • Now in OneDrive you can find these folders under ‘Favourites’. 

  • On the ‘Quick Access’ we want to pin the most used drive where you will be saving documents. To do so, you simply need to find the drive e.g. EIMS SharePoint – Agent Feedback and click on the pin icon.

How do I create document and save them in a specific location?

  • You can create documents in multiple ways. Let’s explore:
    1. To save a document in a specific location, get to the location first. This can be done either in SharePoint or OneDrive
      1. In both platforms, on the top left-hand corner click on the ‘Add New’ button. 


  • From here you can add Folders or MS Documents 

How do I save a document in a specific location? 

  • If you have received a document as an email attachment, and you need to save it in a folder, you need to:
  1. Open the file. 
  2. Click on the document name (at the top) and select below the location.
  3. Find your folder, you can either follow the usual path (see (a) below), or if you have added the folder as a One Drive shortcut (this will display in ‘My files’) (see (b) below)

OneDrive Tutorial 


How do I log into 2 different mailboxes? (e.g. EIMS and Client)

You can add multiple profiles to your web browser:

  • On the right-hand side click on your user profile and click on +Add

  • Continue without an account

Type your client’s name, and now you will see that you have create 2 separate instances, it will save your setting for each account, and you can keep switching across accounts  

How can I access the Shared Mailbox in Outlook

  1. Go to Outlook and click on your profile on the right-hand side.
  2. Click on Open another mailbox. 
  3. Select the shared mailbox you are part of

Where are my old emails?

  • You may notice your inbox is more focussed, this is because we are now utilising Microsoft's auto archiving feature, moving older emails over 2 years old out of your inbox. Don't worry, these haven't disappeared, they have just been moved to the archive folder (show how to get them here). This should speed up your current inbox to make navigation quicker and easier.

I cannot open files saved on my laptop outside the VDI

  • You need to move them to the EIMS drives by either
    • using OneDrive on File Explore
    • or upload them into SharePoint

I dont have access to my Microsoft Teams Outside the desktop on an EIMS Managed Laptop

I cannot edit text boxes in my Excel on the online version of Excel

  • Ask your manager to replace the 'Shapes' with 'Text box' and copy the text across

  • This happens when a 'Shape' has been used in the desktop app first to add comments.

My documents do not open on File Explorer

  • Make sure you have synced ZeeDrive correctly, if you right click on the file, you should now see the option:
    • ‘Open in web browser’ as you can see below.

The dates on my Excel display in U.S (MM/DD/YYYY) or E.U. (DD/MM/YYYY) format, how do I change that?

  • Go to Files >Option> Regional Format Settings 

Change the language and country to what applies to you

The web browser ribbon makes it difficult to see my document (PPT Slide) on my small screen

  • Press F11 in your keyboard, this will remove unnecessary ribbon at the top of the screen and enable to you to see more of your document.
  • To restore it, press on F11 again.

I cannot open documents downloaded within a ZIP folder

  • Go to ‘File Explorer’ and find the zip folder  
  • Right click on the Zip folder and select “Extract all” 
  • Now you should be able to go inside the Zip folder and open the files in it