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Catalogue of Services

Browse through and order a variety of services from eLearning content to Holiday Request Processes.

You will be able to see all services you have access to in the catalogue. You might ask:

What's a service?

It's a packaged product you can order which has been designed from end to end and will get you the outcome it set to achieve every time. As long as the process which is ordered is completed in full, you will always get what you set out to do.

So, be curious...Take a look at the type of services that exist. Try out the filters. Use the search functionality to find specific services!

You can also easily see which are the most popular services, the top 5 are listed beneath the 'Clear all Filters/Searches' button.

Each service has an info icon with a short description for it. There's a cost range that will give you an indication of how much money you might need to set aside if you want to order the service.

If you're interested in seeing more information on any given service you can simply click on 'View Details', or if you are ready to go ahead just 'Order Now'