WebPlatform Documentation

My Requests


View requests from you and your team to see how far they have progressed in this process or quickly order a service you have previously ordered.

In this page of the WebPlatform you will be able to:
  • Filter requests/services by
    • Services Ordered Listing Me as the Client, Services Requested By Me, Services Ordered in My Countries/My Theatres or on My Behalf and also All Services Ordered
  • Use the standard FSG (Filter Search Grid) functionality
    • Add Fields, Reset Fields, Search, Download, Filter
  • You have the ability to Group Requests by any of the column headers
  • There is also a status key you can refer to which is a legend for the status of services
  • Services that have been ordered can also be cancelled. This will abandon the ordered process so a cancellation reason must also be provided.
  • The service details can be viewed by clicking the service name in the grid. You can see the service details, process fields, process notes, and the WorkItem allocations within the process.
  • Services that have completed can be rated if enabled on the web platform. Click the ratings column and a popup will appear where you can give the service a rating. The aggregate of a services rating is visible in the catalogue.

Key Field, Key Field Values, Notes, Created and Last Modified Date

The key value for a saved or ordered request is displayed in the Key Value column. The value displayed in the column will always be the value that was originally entered when the service was ordered. Changing the key value after the service is ordered will not change the value.

The notes column displays the note entered in a saved or ordered service. Once a service is ordered, the note value will not change.

The created date is the date at which the service request was created and will display for both saved and ordered requests.

The last modified date is the last time a change was saved to a service request. Once the request is ordered, the last modified date will not change.