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New Vendor


New Vendor

Supplier on-boarding is the process of collecting the documentation and data needed to set up a company as an approved vendor or supplier and to enable your organisation to efficiently conduct business, purchase goods and services, and make payments to that company.

At EIMS the supplier on-boarding process begins when the 'New Vendor' service is ordered. To order this service, the 'New Vendor Welcome Pack' must be signed by the proposed supplier.

This welcome pack is downloadable from the order form so that you always use the correct document to source the new vendor's details. The information the vendor gives you must be added to the process too so that the system can automatically process data and add to the finance systems in use.

New Vendor Service

In storefront you will find the 'New Vendor' service, just search for 'vendor'.

New Vendor on-boarding steps

Once a request for a new vendor is submitted, the on-boarding process will be kicked off:

  • The request will go through an approval process
  • Finance will do a supplier checklist
  • Finance will also apply additional governance for more strategically important suppliers
  • If approved, the supplier will be added to a supplier list & you (the user who ordered the service) will be notified

Once a new vendor/supplier is approved it is automatically added to all Finance systems in use via an API, so it is very important that all information/values input in the process are accurate.

When the set up is confirmed, the user who ordered the service will be notified that the new supplier has been successfully added to the company's list of suppliers.

New Vendor process

This is the process diagram for the new vendor process.