WebPlatform Documentation

Campaign Setup Process


The campaign setup process is a single form process that is used to create campaigns/cost centres in EIMS Manager from the WebPlatform. 

To create a new campaign/cost centre

All of the necessary information for creating a campaign is included on the start form. So you will only need to complete the start form to create the campaign/cost centre. The following information is required for every campaign:

  • New Campaign Name
  • Does the company, site, and contact exist?
  • Account Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Company Name
  • Site Name
  • Contact

New vs Existing company, site, and contact

You must select whether the company, site, and contact already exists when kicking off the process, this changes the fields that will be available in the company site, and contact information section.

If the company, site, and contact do not exist then you will need to manually enter these values into a text field. If they company, site, and contact do exist then you will need to select the values from a dropdown.

Email notification

When you submit the process and the campaign has been successfully created, you will receive an email (with the 3 managers in CC) with the details of the new campaign.

Organisation Chart

If the company already exists in the system you can run the organisation chart to see the contact structure within the company. The report can be run by clicking the "View org chart" link above the Company Name field. The link will take you to the report within the reporting module where you will need to select company you wish to view and run the report.

The report shows the the contacts that reside within each site for the selected company. Main contacts are marked with a green tick, inactive contacts with a red cross, and unset contacts with a yellow exclamation mark.

Validation Errors

There is certain criteria that must be met before a campaign can be created. If these criteria have not been met then you will not be able to submit the process and the campaign will not be created. Failed validation attempts will display a red alert box at the top of the start form. To see the reasons why the campaign could not be created click the more information button.

The following criteria must be met in order to kick off the campaign setup process:

  1. The new campaign name does not already exist in the system
  2. The new campaign name must not exceed 15 characters
  3. The new campaign name must not have spaces