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My Report Schedules

My Reports Schedules

See all of your report schedules, when they run and who receives them. 

In the grid actions column you can edit, delete/remove a schedule from the queue or pause a schedule.

When you edit a schedule you can:

  • Schedule reports to run at a specific time
  • Add additional users the report should be sent to
  • Set an Expiry Date on the schedule so the schedule completes after a specific date

These schedules will always run unless the user sets an expiry date on the schedule or removes the schedule from the queue

Remember, best practice applies:

  • Always check with other users if a report is already scheduled (so that we do not schedule the same report umpteen times – we should be adding users to an existing schedule)
  • Set schedule to run well in advance of the time you need to have the report at hand
  • Reports are run one at a time so ideally you want to schedule your report to run in the early hours so that you have it in your inbox when you need it
  • Maintain your schedules
    • Pause if not required to run during your holiday
    • Delete if no longer required
    • Update list of users (increase or decrease the distribution list based on your needs)

Watch how to navigate My Report Schedules