WebPlatform Documentation

Report on Last Updated / Saved Date


How the column works in a new report

  • The ‘lastupdateddate’ will automatically appear at the end of the Process table columns when creating a new custom report.
  • E.g. Immediately after the ‘parentprocessid’ column.
  • Any columns added by the WorkItem or Context Object tables will be added after the ‘lastupdateddate’.

How the column works in an existing report

  • Existing custom reports will not include the last updated date automatically by default.
  • To include this field in an existing report, Modify and Save.
  • Standard behaviour of adding a new column to an existing report is followed.
  • Meaning the ‘lastupdateddate’ will be added to the very end of the fields.

Caveat for this functionality

Removal of context object values

  • Removing the value (blanking it) from a populated context object can affect the ‘lastupdateddate’.
  • If the “blank” was the only change made at the time of saving the WorkItem, the last updated date will revert to an older date.