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8x8 License Check Report


EIMS use 8x8 Telephony and currently there is no way easy way to get an accurate picture of the 8x8 usage, including license usage.

EIMS could potentially be paying for licenses that are not required, or users have access to 8x8 when they should not have. 

This report displays the 8x8 user License information for Active EIMS Employees. The report also shows whether there is an EIMS user who does not have an 8x8 License and also 8x8 Licenses which are not used by anyone at EIMS.

Accessing the Report

In the Reporting Catalog of the EIMS WebPlatform, click 'View Report' on the 8x8 License Check Report

When the Run Report page opens, click on the 'View 8x8 License Check Report' link or click on the image of the Report - Note: This is a PowerBI report, therefore does not 'Run' like the usual SQL to XLS reports on the webplatform

This will open the 8x8 license check report in a new tab

License Information Page in the Report

This page displays a data extract of the 8x8 data joined to the EIMS Employee data. The field the data is joined on is: 8x8 Email = EIMS email

In this tab you will find any discrepancies between the 8x8 User Data and the EIMS Employee Data. These discrepancies are shown in the first few columns of the grid and are colour coded

  • Red = 8x8 License exists for EIMS Employee who is not Active or No Email address match, 8x8 Email and EmpEmail both in red for this discrepancy
  • Purple = On 8x8 side there is no 8x8 License for this Active EIMS Employee, this is highlighted in Pink on EMPEmail on the EIMS side of data
  • Yellow = No 8x8 Account found for the Active EIMS Employee
  • Orange = 8x8 Account exists for a user who is no longer at EIMS, this is highlighted as Yellow on the EMPEmail on the EIMS side of data
  • Red in BU Matches 8x8 and EIMS = If the BU does not match in both the 8x8 and EIMS systems, the value will be False and in Red
  • Red in Department Missing in 8x8 = If the Department is missing in the 8x8 system for the user, the value will be True and in Red


Filtering the report

In the Right Hand Pane of the License Information tab, you can filter by the following criteria:

  • Has 8x8 License But Not EIMS Employee
  • Has 8x8 Account But Not EIMS Employee
  • No 8x8 Account Found
  • No 8x8 License Assigned
  • BU Matches in 8x8 and EIMS
  • Department Missing in 8x8

To clear a filter hover over the drop down box and click the rubber icon

How to export the data in the grid to Excel

The data in the grid can be exported to excel. To do this, hover over the top right corner of the grid and click on the three dots (ellipsis)

When these three dots are clicked a drop down list will appear, click/select Export Data

In the pop up leave the default settings as they are and click Export

An excel file will download with the data from the grid

NOTE: The export to Excel functionality does not export the conditional formatting found in the report. This is a limitation in the Power BI Export functionality.

Glossary Tab

Some of the terminology used for the data grid headers may not be meaningful for outside sources or new people using the report. To make it easier to interpret the report, a glossary tab is available. This tab gives a detailed description of each column header in the report.