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Power BI Glossary


This documentation outlines the features of Power BI which can be used when creating reports

Filters in Power BI

There are three types of Filtering in Power BI which are listed below:

  1. Filtering via the Filter Pane (in the right hand side of the report)
  2. Filtering using the Slicer visual
  3. Filtering using buttons on the page (this is done by using functionality called Bookmarks)

Option 1 - Filtering via the Filter Panel

Filtering your report using the Filter Panel can be done at three levels

1. Visual Level - this means filtering on a specific visual while the rest of the visuals remain unaffected

2. Page Level - this means you can filter a specific page in the report, so all visuals on a specific page will filter based on criteria selected

3. Filter on all Pages - this means you can filter the whole report (every page) based on criteria selected

When using the Filter Panel for filtering, it is important to note that the numbers which appear next to the filter options will update if they belong in the same data set. The only time where the numbers will not update when settings filters on fields is if you use Calculated Tables whereby the number for the filter will always show for the whole data set and will not reduce based on other filters selected.

Option 2 - Filtering using Slicers

You can also filter your report with Slicers, this can be done at a specific page level or all pages in the report.

When filtering by options in a slicer you can have these as two options: As a list or in a dropdown

If you choose to have them as a list they will look something like this on your report:

  • Vertical List

  • Horizontal List

If you choose to have them as a drop down they will look like this:

When the list is dropped down, it will look like this.

You can choose whether to have the slicer filter as a Single Select, Multi Select and whether to include an All Option.

Please note the All option is only available when you have the multi select option switched on


Option 3 - Filtering using buttons on the page (bookmarks)

Another way of filtering in a Power BI Report is by using buttons on a page and this is done by using functionality called bookmarks.

A bookmark is a pre-set of filters which have been applied to the report and when selecting the bookmark the report reverts to the pre-selected filters when the bookmark was created


This Clear Filters button, clears all filters in the report apart from the FY&Q 

A user can set multiple filters in the report but once the user clicks 'Clear Filters' the report reverts back to only having the FY&Q slicer filtered

The visuals on the page also are filtered down to the pre-set criteria