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Performance Vs SLA Report


This report will return a raw dataset for a selected process. For every design version the report will return each standard WorkItem (tasks that appear in your WorkItem list), the SLA for the WorkItem (Estimated Duration), the average time to complete the WorkItem (amount of time between the WorkItem becoming active and it being completed), and the standard deviation of the time to complete the WorkItem.

Column definitions

Column Definition
WorkItem / TaskName Name of WorkItem / Task in the process.
ProcessVersionNumber Process design version the stats relate to. SLA and WorkItems can be changed or added by version.
SLA (hrs) Duration assigned to this WorkItem / Task (the maximum amout of time it should take to complete this WorkItem / Task. Not to be confused with effort = actual time it takes to do the work).
Avg completion (hrs) Average time it has taken to complete this WorkItem / Task. From when it first became active to when it was completed.
Stand. Deviation Standard deviation indicates how far observed values vary from the mean. In any distribution, about 95% of values will be within 2 standard deviations of the mean.
Instances of Process Version The total number of process instancess created for the WorkItems process version.