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Publisher Report

Lets start with a quick definition for Content Syndication

Content syndication is a method of republishing content on other sites in order to reach a broader audience. Syndicated content not only increases your reach and brand awareness, it also builds links and can help drive more traffic to your original article.

Content syndication networks place your content on a variety of sites. They charge on a cost-per-lead (or CPL) basis.

Publisher Report

This report gives an overview of the selected campaign by client, publisher, and content syndication campaign name. The main grid displays the number of leads successfully entered into WMS, leads de-duped out at the source and target levels, leads uploaded to an external source (if set up for the campaign), leads accepted & rejected by the client and general cost information (Price Per Lead and Gross Cost).


The Filter button is available on the top right corner of the report. By clicking on the button, the filter will be displayed and you can filter the data grid by the following parameters:

  • Time periods (filters by Inquiry created date):
    • All time
    • Daily (today & yesterday)
    • Weekly (this week & last week. A week runs from Monday - Sunday)
    • Monthly (this month & last month)
    • Quarterly (this quarter & last quarter)
  • Publisher
  • Agency Placement Name
  • Campaign
  • Date range (filters by Inquiry created date)

To clear a filter hover over the drop down box and click the rubber icon .

Publisher Report Glossary

Some of the terminology used for the data grid headers may not be meaningful for outside sources or new people using the report. To make it easier to interpret the report, a glossary tab is available. This tab gives a detailed description of each of the column headers in the report.

Drill Through Details

You can see a detailed breakdown of the publisher report metrics by right clicking on the row you want to view, hovering over the drill through option and selecting the metric you want to drill into. The following details are available:

  • Received from Publisher Details
  • Duplicate (Own Data) Details
  • Duplicate (Cross Data) details
  • Input Details
  • Pending Verification Details
  • Rejected Non Spec Details
  • Passed To Client Details
  • Declined By Client Details

CPL Leads Updates Template

In the External Resources Tile there is a 'CPL Leads Updates Template' that you can use to gather follow up information for Content Syndication leads. This information is then bulk updated into the process and allows you to accurately show counts for accepted and possibly rejected leads.

Fields in this document are:

  • DigitalUniqueID (which was been with the process since it was created)
  • InquiryStatus
  • AcceptedByClient
  • RejectionReason
  • LeadStatus
  • Stage
  • Value
  • CloseDate
  • LostReason


The values that can be used to populate these fields are clearly outlined in 'LOV for Columns' tab of this downloadable document.

The bulk updater application is used to update the processes with this information. The JSON for a campaign is downloadable by authorised users in the dashboard.

Understanding the Numbers

Due to the many different types of marketing tactic the numbers in this report can often be misunderstood. Here’s a quick ‘cheat-sheet’ to understand the most important numbers.

Publisher Report

Recieved From Publisher

The total number of Inquiries imported for each publisher prior to any de duplication.

Declined By Client

Leads client has specifically rejected and EIMS have excluded from delivered results. This lead is rejected at INQ stage in the funnel.

Rejected Duplicate (Own Data)

Duplicate rows within the import files for each publisher.

EIMS Investigating

The total number of Inputs (INQs) that the client has declined and EIMS have yet to confirm as a rejected lead.

Rejected Duplicate (Cross Data)

Rows within the import files for each publisher that have matched to Inquiries that already exist in the funnel.

Delivered (Billable)

Number of leads accepted by the client within the Budget agreed with the client.

Calculation: Passed to Client - Declined by Client - Delivered Non-billable


Total number of Inquiries (INQ) that exist in the campaign funnel for each publisher.

Delivered (Non Billable)

The amount of Inquiries sent to the client for approval that exceed the total leads ordered for each publisher.

Calculation: Passed To Client - Declined By Client - Total Leads Ordered

Pending Verification

The total number of Inputs (INQs) that have not been passed to the client for approval. These leads will be active at the Validate or QA stages.

Total Leads Ordered

The total Inquiries that have been ordered from each publisher. This is a fixed value as part of the funnel configuration.

Rejected Non Spec

Leads which have been rejected to the publisher during the verification/QA process (disqualified leads).

No of Leads Left To Deliver

The number of remaining Inquiries to be passed to the client in order to match the Total Leads Ordered.

Calculation: Total Leads Ordered - Passed To Client + Declined By Client + Over Delivered

Rejection %

% of leads not passed to the client.

Calculation: (Rejected Duplicates + Rejected Non Spec) / Received From Publisher

Price Per Lead

Cost for each lead for this campaign.

Passed To Client

Leads passed to the client.

Gross Cost

Total Spend to date on this campaign.

Calculation: Delivered (Billable) * Price per lead