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Embed Shared Docs into WorkItems


How to Embed Shared Documents (Google Sheets/Docs)

Steps to embed a Shared Document into WorkItems

  1. In Designer - Setup Context Object (Field Type = Free Text)
  2. In Designer - Insert HTML code into WorkItems
  3. In Designer – Check placeholder of shared document in preview tab

Note: At the moment the shared documents we are embedding are Google Docs/Sheets & these cannot be tested in preview mode

And then…

  1. At run time - Get shared document link from Google
  2. At run time - Enter shared document link into Context Object in the WorkItem where it is first referenced
  3. At run time – In subsequent WorkItems users will be able to access the Google Sheets/Docs

Step 1. Set up Field in designer to embed a Google Document

(no different to what you already do)

In designer, go to the Custom Data Fields and add a new Free Text Context Object to the process e.g. Google Sheet URL

  • Insert the Context Object created on a form where it will be populated e.g. Start form

Step 2. Add HTML code to embed a Google Document

  • Go to the WorkItem(s) where you want to embed the Google Document
  • Highlight where you want to insert the Google Sheet

Step 3. Check you can see placeholder for your shared document

  • Go into the preview tab and check you can see the placeholder on the form
    • The expand / collapse button displayed shows where the bottom of the placeholder is

At run time populate the Field and use the Shared Document

Step 4. Get the link for the Google Document

  • Go to and login to the shared drive account
  • Open the document or sheet you want to embed into your process
  • Click the Share button on the top right
  • In the ‘Anyone with the link dropdown’ select can edit
    • Selecting edit will allow any user to access this document from your WorkItem
  • Click Copy Link
    • The link has been copied to clipboard

Step 5. Enter Google Sheets/Doc link in WorkItem

  • Fill in the Google Sheet URL Field on the start form
    • Or the first WorkItem where this Context Object appears

Access Google Sheets/Doc in WorkItems

  • In the Standard WorkItem(s) where the HTML code was added, the google document is displayed

Step 6. Navigating a Shared Document

  • Users can make the shared document full screen by clicking on the ‘expand / collapse’ button in the bottom left corner.
    • When in full screen click on the ‘expand / collapse’ button to return to the WorkItem Details page
      Expand / Collapse = BACK function

What happens if you click back instead of maximise?

  • Note: When the google sheet is in full screen, if you click back in the browser you will return to the last page you were on and not the WorkItem Details page

Checklist for embedding Google Document into a form