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Export/Print JSON Template

Where to find the JSON template for a digital campaign

In Designer edit the process linked to the digital campaign. Click on Export/Print and select JSON template.

  • automatically you will be given all context objects in the process

Note: If you are downloading the JSON template you will already have a client approved report which will serve as the template for setting up bulk updater functionality. The report headers will be fundamental to map to the process fields in the JSON template.


The format for the layout of the JSON template will be:

  • open bracket
  • in quote marks each WMS field name (context object)
  • followed by a colon
  • in dollar signs the field name again - you will replace these with the respective report header
  • followed by a comma
  • repeated for each field name in the process
  • close bracket

Checkpoint: When this content is pasted into excel the count of rows will match the number of WMS field names (context objects) in the process

Map your process headers to the field names

Now that you have downloaded the JSON template you must map the WMS field names to their respective counterpart field header in the client report.

  1. Replace the content in between the dollar signs with the report header
  2. Delete all unnecessary fields (the ones for which information will not get automatically updated)

Test & Save your final JSON template

  1. Test the completely mapped JSON template using the bulk updater application
    • check output data matches the changes you are making to the fields
    • do several loads to test a variety of changes
  2. Save the final JSON file in the digital campaign custom page (refer to setup for Custom pages to see how this is done)