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Traffic Manager - SLA Process

SLA Standard Processes

Why do we need SLA Standard Processes?

  • Situation: We have multiple processes in WMS
  • Problem: There is no way to help users prioritise a process
  • Implication: Users work on which ever WorkItem in their list rather than the most important first
  • Need: A way for the system to treat some processes as more important

How to setup a process as a SLA Standard Process

  • Activate the ‘SLA process’ checkbox displayed in the Process Properties tab
  • In this example the Holiday Request Process is being set as a SLA – Standard Process
  • Click Save

At run time:

  • Start the process
  • In the Process List and WorkItem List pages
  • the grid displays the urgent icon
    • the urgency for the WorkItem is visual / flagged
  • the ‘Process Type’ column displays SLA - Standard Process

At the same time WorkItem syncs to users calendar

  • Any Active WorkItems in SLA Standard - Processes are automatically synced to the allocated users calendar regardless of their sync settings

When a WorkItem invite for a SLA – Standard Process is declined in the calendar application, the invite for the WorkItem is sent again to the allocated user