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Bulk Process Updater

What is Bulk Process Updater? 

We have Digital Campaigns which require a large amount of processes to be created and updated on a regular basis. This will enable the correct status of a lead in WMS. Each process has to be updated individually and because there are large volumes of processes to be updated, it is not time-efficient. The Bulk Process Updater allows you to update large amounts of processes quickly and automatically.

How to access the application

    • Open the Bulk Process Updater here: L:\Campaign Admin and open the application "Bulk Process Updater - NEW APP"

    • A warning dialog pop up will appear. Click "Run" and it should display the application.

API Key & Process URL

    • When the application loads up enter the API Key and Process URL which can be found in your respective Campaign Digital Dashboard. On the "External Resources" tile, you will find the "API Key & URL" button.
    • Copy the information and paste it into the relevant fields in the Bulk Process Updater Application. Once populated, click "Next".

Template & Processing

    • Template used for Bulk Process Update is provided by the Client or can be a report extract (e.g. Salesforce).

    • In the Bulk Updater app, click on the ellipses (…) and browse for the file downloaded. You can use the "Select Sheet?" to choose a particular sheet you want to import if there are multiple sheets in your file. If not, leave the checkbox for "Select Sheet?" unchecked.

    • The context field name is the field in the process which matches to a field in the spreadsheet in order. This is important as it matches the correct row of data in the spreadsheet to the correct process in WMS. For example, in the Context Field Name box enter 'Lead ID' without the quote marks. Please make sure that the Context Field Name used is typed exactly like how it has been used in the Process ('Lead ID' or 'LeadID').

    • For the Source Column Name, choose the relevant column from the spreadsheet. This is usually named the same as the Context field name. For example, choose 'Lead ID' for this scenario and click "Next". 


    • When the application loads up enter the JSON template which can be found in your respective Campaign Digital Dashboard. On the External Resources tile, you will find the "JSON" button. The JSON maps the fields in the spreadsheet to the fields in the WMS Processes.
    • Note: This mapping is configured at the time when the campaign is initially set up. This means that the column headers in the source file must match the field which it was mapped to in WMS. If file settings are different, bulk updater will ignore the data as it does not recognise it.
    • Copy the JSON template and paste it into the field in the Bulk Process Updater Application. 


    • In the Bulk Process Updater App, click on "Start Upload". 

    • A dialog box will appear to confirm the start of processing. Before clicking "OK", bring up the process overview (for a side-by-side view). To do this, go to the dashboard and expand the 'Live Inquiries' tile.

    • In the Process Overview, the animation will occur as the update is happening. Once the update is complete, the progress bar will be filled in green and below the progress bar it says  "Sheet Import Complete".

    • Once the import is complete, click on “Finish”.

E2E Funnel Report 

    • To check that the leads are at the correct stage, run the campaign E2E Funnel Report.

    • Navigate to the Digital Campaign you require this report for and under the "Live Report" tile, click on "Run e2e Funnel Report". 

    • This will display the "View Report" Page where you can select the "Start Date" and "End Date" for the report. Once populated, click "Run Report". 

    • Once the report has run, you can download the report from either the "My Reports" page or from the email you will receive in your inbox. 

    • Open the report and check the leads in the report match with the leads in the "Live Inquiries" (Process Overview) tile. In the funnel report, check that the leads are at the correct stage.

Exporting & Viewing Results

    • In the Export Result pop-up window, click on “Yes” to save the results.

    • Save the file.

    • Open the file saved above.

    • If the updates are made successfully, the “Processing Result” column (last column in the spreadsheet) will display "Context Value Update Result - Success Complete work item(s) result - No further work items to complete". This means the last WorkItem for the Process has been completed like shown in the first screenshot below. 

    • The Bulk Updater will attempt to move the WorkItem from one stage to another (assuming mandatory fields have been populated). For example, if an MQL WorkItem has been completed, it will try to complete the next WorkItem. The result should display the messages like shown in second screenshot below. 

    • If the updates have failed due to invalid values in the field, the result will display "Context Value Update Result - One or more requirements have not been met - Context object 'LeadStatus' is a lookup which doesn't contain a matching value for 'Needs Analysis'". The message will differ according to the invalid values in the field. See third screenshot below. 

    • If the WorkItem couldn't be completed due to mandatory fields not being populated, the results will display as shown below:
      Context Value Update Result - Success
      Complete work item '1.INQ' result - Context Not Complete
      Complete work item '1.INQ' result - Unable to continue, An attempt has already been made to complete this work item once and it is still active, Exiting processing to prevent infinite retrying.

    • To ensure that changes have been made, you can check the WorkItems for the processes to see the fields have been updated.

Digital Workflow of Bulk Process Updater

  • Bulk Import 

    • A bulk import is required to create the leads (process) in WMS.
    • Here's the link on How to use Bulk Import.
  • Bulk Process Updater

    • Allows bulk updates of field values. 
    • Allows WorkItems in a process to autocomplete and move from one stage to another stage depending on the criterion set.
  • LIVE Inquiries (Process Overview)

    • Enables you to see the animation of leads moving from one stage to another (or may stay idle). 
    • Check the number of leads in each stage by referring to the spreadsheet imported.