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Understanding the Process Properties…

Understanding the Process Properties…

Properties are visible on the right hand side of the Designer

Here you can see:

  • Process Name (not editable)
    • Name given to the process at create stage
  • Main Description (editable)

    • Description comment for the process given at create stage
    • Can be edited by clicking on the ellipsis
  • Version Description (editable)

    • Version description comment for the process given at create stage
    • Can be edited by clicking on the ellipsis.
  • Image (editable)

    • The image you upload here will be visible to the user in the start process page (this will be the image associated to this process).
      • To upload an image just click on the ellipsis
      • The 'Upload Process Image' pop up box appears
      • Browse for the image you want to upload
      • Click OK
    • Once an image is uploaded the process properties will reflect this

You can upload an image for a process irrespective of it’s status (Live/Current, Validated, In Progress)

This means that if you want to add/change an image for your process, you can simply go into the latest version of the process and just upload it!

You can also see:

  • Process Type (not editable only when you’re creating a process)
  • Allow users to Abandon
    • Enabled by default
  • Countries (Mandatory* for the process to be cut live)

    • To select countries just click on the ellipsis
    • The 'Assigned Countries' pop up will load
    • Select All or
    • Scroll & select the required countries
    • Click Save
    • The number of chosen countries will display

* Note: All users you want to be able to start this process must be in the right role & have one of these same countries in their profile.

Notes (editable)

  • If you share the editing access to the process it is good practise to document your changes for the next user to know.