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How to add email communication as process notes in WMS

Why attach communication to a process?

Most processes require users to exchange information so that they can complete their WorkItems. In general this communication is done via email, however it sits in each person's inbox and if you're in the process and want to know what was exchanged you would need to reach out to the users... this is not scalable and can result in a lot of wasted time and effort!

In order to address this we've devised a simple, easy to understand way to attach all email correspondence for a process to that process!

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How to add email communication as a note to a process

  • Send or respond to an email from a user including in the To or Cc:
  • In the subject line include the Process ID for the given process and prefix with a hashtag e.g. #219030
    • Send your email
  • If the Process ID exists the email you sent will be added to the process notes
    • Otherwise no new note will be added

Lets see this in action with the WL 2.0 Process

Process ID we are going to add a process note via email – 211363

1. Send an email to

  • In the subject line include the Process ID prefixed with a hashtag
    • E.g. #211363
  • Include the content in the email body
  • Attach any collateral if appropriate
    • See next slide to view
  • Click send

2. Your email has been added as a process note to the process

3. You can check if your email has been added as a note by going into the Notes/Audit tab in any of the WorkItems for the process

How to view email content in the process

  • See process note
  • Read content
  • Click View Email to see full email (including attachments)
  • You can download attachments