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Process Overview

What the Overview allows us to see

Lets see a practical example before we go into the detail...

Example: Get Dangerous Quick Process

So, lets see how this works!

Example: PSO Request

  • In order to be able to see Process Overview, users will need to be given this permission by the WebPlatform administrator
    • This is a simple process and can be given to all users
      • E.g. Everyone with WMS access can have this permission included

What happens when you click on Overview?

The Process Overview displays the data for multiple versions of a Process where the Process WorkItems and routing did not change between the versions.

  • By default, the process diagram for the latest version of the process will load
    • showing you the status for all active processes for the version
  • You will be able to select the version that is relevant for the period of time you want to check from the dropdown list
    • Note: Only versions with active processes will be listed
      • Which explains why you might come across non sequential versions:

Shapes with Stats:

Overview bars explained:

Select a Standard WorkItem to see more information...

  • If you want to see the detail of a WorkItem:
  • In the grid, select the “View WorkItem Details” button in the actions column
    • You will be taken to the respective WorkItem for that process
      • View or Complete as appropriate
      • Close to exit
  • Or, just click ‘Close’ to close the pop up and return to the Overview diagram

Good to know information