WebPlatform Documentation

WorkItems Anywhere!

Why WorkItems Anywhere?

To allow users without a WebPlatform / WMS Account to see progress for processes at Workitem level.

How is this done?

  • We embed an iframe to an external site
  • This then allows users without a WebPlatform or WMS Account to see the Active & Inactive WorkItems for a process
    • Users cannot drill into detail of each WorkItem (as they would if they were WebPlatform users)

Generate embed code to add your WorkItems list into an external site

Process status must be ‘Live’

Aim is to embed the WorkItems list of a process in an external page e.g. client web page

  • Select the WorkItem
  • Then select the Context Objects you want to display in the grid
    • You can order these and change the width of the columns
  • Generate the HTML
  • Add your filter value to the embed code
  • Embed HTML in client web page

If you want to display all active WorkItems do not select a Specific WorkItem or Parameter Field, just Generate HTML

Example: Where we have used Overview Anywhere

EIMS run digital campaigns. The client users only have access to Reporting. So, we created a Digital Dashboards module where we share reports and also the WorkItem List for the WMS process =  Inquiries